Friday, May 6, 2011


I saw this the other day from Happy Healthy Life and couldn't put it out of my head until I tried to make it. My kids love that little angry red bird (a popular iphone app/game) and I thought it was too cute. The only difficulty I had was that this picture is a personal-sized pizza a I wanted to make a family-sized pizza. The difficulty was that the scale for the face was all wrong because on a large pizza, the pepperoni eyeballs were not large enought to get the right effect. SOLUTION that I did not think of in time for the oven, is to use Canadian Bacon for the eyeballs instead of pepperoni. Duh! Still my kids got a kick out of it. Also, I got the chance to improve my pizza dough making. I found this website a great source for making your own pizza dough, it even includes a short tutorial on how to knead pizza dough.

Also, the above angry bird is made with soy pepperoni and I used regular pepperoni (which admittedly is much less healthy), this did make my pizza more greasy, I also think I used too much cheese (I love cheese), next time I'll have to use a little less cheese and fewer pepperoni.

All in all a good effort and I am looking forward to trying it again with less cheese, fewer pepperoni and using Canadian Bacon for the eyes.


  1. Oh My Goodness - I am LOVING this pizza - it is brilliant!!!!