Monday, August 8, 2011


Thanks to the Brassy Apple, I came across a very fun game for my kids this summer. Like many of you, we have become quite the ANGRY BIRDS fans. Every time I try to find my iphone, one of my children is curled up with it somewhere, playing Angry Birds.

I loved it on several levels:

One, it was fun and easy to make
Two, it was fun and easy to set up and play
Three, it is fun for kids/people of all ages
Four, it only cost me $1!! I had paint already, otherwise there would have been an expense for the paint, but still completely worth it.

We used the rocks we purchased at the beginning of the summer in the Craft Section of Wal-Mart, but you could use just regular old rocks. Craft paint, and I sprayed them with a clear coat afterward. We did the face details with Sharpies.

My brother and four of his five kids are visiting us, ages 18 to 25 and even they had fun trying it out, of course, because they're awesome. The only issue was my dollar store sling-shot, not the best quality. My husband offered to improve the design but visions of broken windows ran through my head and we are making do for now.

If you are an Angry Bird Fan, try out the Angry Bird Pizza from this post.

We are on our way to visit our families in Calfornia. I hope you are having a great summer!!