Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Well, we've had one warm day so far and it has us thinking ahead to summer swim team. This past summer was my son's first year on the team, you have to be 5. He has been a spectator at his sister's meets since he was a baby, so this was finally his turn. He was so excited to finally be on the team that he was fearless.
That is my blog for today. Let's all believe in ourselves a little more. Stop the worrying, the "what if's" and believe in who we are. Stop avoiding those projects, messy junk drawers, or whatever it is that is holding you back. Perhaps it is a project you care so much about that you are too afraid to start it because you don't want it to turn out wrong and disappoint you.
For me, this means starting a felt quiet book that I have been wanting to do since my first child was born years ago! One of the first things I realized when we found out we were going to have baby number four is "Hey, I get another chance to do that quiet book". Baby number four turns 2 in July, and I really, really want to have some quiet book pages done for her for her birthday. It has meant so much to me that I have been pretty much frozen with indecision about it, which way to bind it? Felt or duck cloth? Should it be themed or just random pages? See, I am stumping my creativity by worrying about perfection!!
Does anyone else do that?? If for some crazy reason, someone actually reads this blog, I would love to hear what things you avoid, or what things you over-think to the point that it never gets started. Anyone?

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