Thursday, May 19, 2011


First off, I want you do know I have not received any freebies, rewards or money for this post. This is just an honest testimonial for an awesome product.

I have four children and have always struggled finding a shampoo for them that doesn't irritate their eyes AND is gentle on their hair. I don't know if you are aware how harsh most baby shampoo's are on hair. Some people go the route of using adult, good quality shampoo and use a baby visor to keep the shampoo out of the eyes. I think that works great though, we are a swim team family, and I like my babies to get use to the water right from the beginning. Once kids get that fear of putting their face in the water thing it can take some time to get past it. But if visor thing works for you, that is awesome, we all need to do what works for our own families.

My friend Kim told me how much she liked the CALIFORNIA BABY SHAMPOO & BODY WASH. I had seen it in the aisle at Target but I could never make myself pay the extra cost. Finally, after trying the 6th brand of shampoo that professed to be "gentle" and feeling like it was stripping my daughter's hair down to straw, I knowing that Kim liked it, I decided to spend the extra few bucks. And, may I say YAY! This shampoo is excellent! It is not harsh at all, it is all natural AND it leaves her hair feeling soft! From the moment I rinse her hair, I can still feel a layer of softness coating the strands. Also, it is so concentrated that I use half of what I used with the other shampoos so in the long run it isn't even more expensive, great right?!

Last thing, they many different varieties of this shampoo, one of them having Tea Tree Oil in it. I know there are some states having a horrible time with LICE right now, it seems like it goes through our school every spring. Blame baseball and softball shared helmets. I have heard that Lice avoid hair with Tea Tree Oil in it. I use shampoo with Tea Tree Oil on my kids hair intermittently just to try and stave off any lice, so far so good, (knock on wood). I also spray my kids hair daily, especially in the spring, with whatever styling product I have on hand because I also have heard lice don't like hair with product in it.

So anyway, short story long, I love this shampoo, and not just because I am a "California Girl" either.

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