Monday, May 16, 2011

Document the FIRST YEAR

In my previous post we discussed documenting your pregnancy. I just saw a very cute way to document the next step, the FIRST YEAR of your little one. I like this idea from Famille Summerbelle because I am a sucker for felt letters but also, I like that the pose is kept the same so you can really see the subtle differences in the way this baby has changed over the first year of his life. Notice that they started at 3 months not at newborn! So don't sweat it if you didn't get the exact cute adorable newborn photos. I found getting photos of little bits of newborns was easier than one picture of the entire baby, like just the face, eyes, nose, hands, belly and ears, oh and of course those adorable toes. But my point is, start where you are, right now, whatever age you child is. Okay okay, going over to your 42 year-old son and asking if you can take pics of his feet may be pushing it, but maybe you can get pictures of your son's feet side by side with his son's feet?! Where there is a will, there is a way to capture a beautiful, cherished family photo.

Speaking of feet, I love this by Becky Higgins. I saw this on her blog the other day and was raking my brain for where I had put similar pictures that I have. Just one more reason to make certain you have your photos in order. I have taken shots like this but, one was in my pre-digital phase in an unmarked shoe box, one is stuck in Picassa somewhere, maybe, and one other may have been lost altogether in a non backed-up hard drive, yeah, that was bad day..

I still have hopes of doing something like this though, it is just too sweet.
I'd love to hear about or see your ideas on documenting your pregnancy or the first year of your babies life!

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