Thursday, May 12, 2011

Document Your Pregnancy

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to share some fun ideas I have seen recently for documenting and sharing your pregnancy. I think here at my house we are finally done adding to our brood, so I won't be able to have fun with these ideas, but I hope you will!

This first one from Mama Mia's Maternity Book is so cute and clever! These are pics of a book that this mom had printed, of each week of her pregnancy. I thought this would also be cute done as little 5x7 cards, then you could mail them out to your loved ones along the way. Then of course, later made into a book to treasure.

Now this next one, from Simply Bloom Photography, I love because I love the way she has her dog and her husband in a couple of shots. So sweet. I had started something like this with my second baby, then hated how fat I was getting and stopped. DON'T you do that!! Everyone told me I would want to see these pics later, and I thought, "no way will I ever want to see my face that fat ever again, but of course, they were right and I was (dang it) wrong!! Don't worry if you didn't start your first trimester of pregnancy either, just start from where you are and it will still be awesome, promise! Think of a way to include the month number in your photo in a way that represents you, but keep it simple so it is easy to change each week.

Okay, here is one picture I love. This is from David and Natalie Fenn blog. It would make a cute baby announcement but I think it would be a great photo just to have in the nursery and for posterity. It's simple, beautiful and easily done, just get some good light, like near a window in the morning or late afternoon, and a simple shirt and go to town. The wonderful thing about digital pics is you can take 3o shots and it doesn't cost you anything extra, so take a ton in different lighting to get the one you like. Write down what time of day that was so you can recreate that when baby arrives for your second photo shoot.

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