Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pool Party Cake - Easter Clearance

I mentioned on my "ABC's" early learning side bar to the left about a use for plastic Easter eggs currently on clearance in many stores. I also want to mention that PEEPS freeze very well!! Sooooo, you might want to grab some of those while they are on clearance as well. We have been using our frozen PEEPS to make some of these at my house. The recipe actually calls for frozen Peeps so you don't even have to plan ahead.

These are great for snacks and lunches. I love that they are peanut free, so my kindergartner is allowed to have them for his mid-day snack. A lot of sugar I know, this is not his snack everyday I promise, I also make sure that his lunch is sugar-free that day.

But, wouldn't the cake at the top be an adorable cake for summer parties?! I might make this for my kids on their last day of school when we have our annual "Welcome SUMMER!" party. Get the recipe here.

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