Thursday, June 9, 2011


My daughter wanted to have her friends over and decorate Field Day shirts for their Field Day at school. They actually call their day "Play Day". I offered to help them applique fabric onto them and use my Silhouette to give them a polished look. They decided to use the first letter of each of their names and spell "ARMS", they called themselves, "the TWISTERS" so wanted a "twister" logo. They picked out their fabric colors and fonts, and settled on a design. The fabric for the first letter of their name for their t-shirt was different from the others, and the font on their name was in bold.

I used my Silhouette SD to cut the fabric letters, which I had a hard time with. I think in the end I just did them by hand because I couldn't get the fabric to feed properly. Looking back, I think I was cutting too small of pieces of fabric and it wasn't laying on the rollers correctly.

To applique them by hand, I just printed the letters like I wanted them onto card stock paper. Cut the letters out using a craft knife, and used those letters as a template. I traced the letters onto fabric with fusible webbing ironed on to it. Cut out the letters, ironed them onto the shirt, and sewed around the edges. I made the little "twister" with the same method, though on that I layered several little pieces of fabric onto it and sewed it all together so that is was one big applique before sewing it onto the shirt.

I did use my Silhouette for the iron-on lettering, which really did look cool, and once I figured out how to use it, it was easy. I had been cutting down the heat transfer material to page-sized pieces, but later learned that it is better if you just feed your entire piece into the machine and cut off the bit you need after it is done cutting. I used black heat transfer material for the PLAY DAY part ant their names, and I used silver metallic heat transfer for the 2011. It is hard to see in the photos but the silver looked very cool.

The girls had fun decorating the backs of their shirts with puffy paint.

Anyway, the shirts were a big hit on field day and are still being worn, yay!

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