Monday, June 13, 2011

POURING - Fine Motor Skill Development

THIS WEEK: Warm weather is a great opportunity to develop pouring skills. Pouring helps develop those fine motor muscles. Fine motor muscles will be very important when it comes time for your child to start writing. Many children, more common in boys, resist writing because they are simply not comfortable holding a pencil in their hand. Fatter pencils help, as does helping them develop these muscles by playing with small toys like Legos and marbles (supervised of course) and skills like POURING. It's nice to have a plastic liquid measuring cup, but any small plastic container that holds liquid will work. Head outside and put water in one container and demonstrate for your child how you pour it into the other cup, and back again. Pouring sand or uncooked rice or beans works too. Be sure not to get frustrated with any spills, but do invite your child to help clean up when you are all through. Note: I keep forgetting that my almost 2 year old is left-handed. I am right handed and keep setting things up for her as if she were right handed, duh. She did okay, but was much better at pouring when she switched it to the correct side for a lefty. :-)

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