Sunday, July 10, 2011

Father's Day in Review

Happy Father's Day! Oh, wait it's July sorry, wow this summer is moving fast, right?! Just wanted to document our Father's Day, if for no other reason, a frame of reference for me for next year. My husband and our older two children volunteered at a Triathlon that our swim team is involved with, the proceeds going toward skin cancer research. They had a fun morning together and when they came home the real pampering started. My husband's weakness is soda. He has sworn off soda except for a few special occasions and the kids wanted to spoil him with it for Father's Day. They spent their own money and bought him the fancy stuff. We found these fun printables at THE IDEA DOOR for dressing up the soda bottles. I loved these and think maybe I will expand on this idea for next year.

My kids also made him this card, using paint sample cards from Home Depot. My husband liked this card a lot which is unusual, he doesn't usually care about cards. I liked this idea because all I had to do was hand each child a paint sample card and they could decide what they wanted to write or draw on it, and all I had to do was loop them together, add some photos, and all done!

One of my daughter's also made him some "coupons" stored in an Altoids box (so they're waterproof?) which he also enjoyed. My son had made some coupons in his Kindergarten class which I managed to remember existed and find (rare "yay me" moment).

He also got some "stuff" like new shorts, sunglasses and tools, not to mention a yummy lunch and dinner! Saw a really cool photo idea I want to try for next year, but since my husband occasionally reads this blog, I have to keep it under wraps. Sorry.

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