Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who Will Run My Life Please??

Here I am, another January and my life still not perfect. Dang! And I had such high hopes.

Thanks to all the incredible women in blog world, I feel like I have all the info of how to get my life running smoothly, but I just can't figure out the right order in which to do it all in. Now, is when I need a nagging mom who will tell me exactly what I should be doing at all times of the day. Would have hated that as a teen, but I would TOTALLY welcome that sort of thing right now.

When should I spend the 15 minutes folding laundry, or cleaning out that junk drawer, plan a week's worth of dinners keeping all sales, coupons and nutrition info in mind, workout, play with my kids, make the stuff that I want to use to play with my kids, take meaningful pictures of my kids playing, write meaningful journal entries....ahhhhh!

My new idea for 2012 is to pick one day a week that I will learn about various topics that interest me. I will also pick at least two projects a month that I want to complete by month's end.

This months projects are: painting my ten year-old's room, who hates the color pink and yet still has bright pink flowers painted on her walls. She LOVED it at the time, I swear. Thank goodness I didn't give in and paint the whole room pink, she has at least tolerated the flowers these last few pink-hating years.

Second project, and I am very excited about this one. I am going to organize all my kitchen drawers using this method form BROWN PAPER PACKAGES. I am sooo excited. All it takes are some inexpensive pieces of wood and some Gorilla Wood Glue. She's so smart!! I will post pics when done.

I have also seen drawers organized using simple little containers from the dollar store, velcro'd to the bottom of the drawer, which can be changed around as needed. Also clever but I want something more streamlined for the kitchen.

Wish me luck!

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