Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fools Traditions - SHHHHhhhh!

OKAY so who is ready for some April Fools Fun tomorrow? What do you have up your sleeve? In previous years my kids were completely fooled by the "Rasperry Pie" which was really Shepards pie with red food coloring whipped into the mashed potato topping. Or the "mashed potatoes and gravy" that really were vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce. They liked those "potatoes" so much (who wouldn't?) that they are asking for those again this year. You can't "request" an April Fools prank or we miss the whole point, plus, we have dinner plans this year, so I think this year we will play this fun dinner game on Saturday night to celebrate general family tom-foolery. This is the first year I have had the courage to try it.

For their school lunches tomorrow, I have just finished preparing a fun switch involving whole-grain crackers, M&M's and double-sided tape. I am also using the cute labels I found here at Family to disguise some of their other food. I also like Family Fun's idea of adding a gummy worm to an apple, I'll throw that together in the morning.

Simply open the package carefully, empty original contents, substitute even yummier contents of your choosing, include an "April Fool's" message, and re-seal using double-sided tape. I adhered the labels below using double-sided tape as well.

My eldest daughter will get the M&M's in her lunch as well as this "Alien birth-certificate", on which I have attached a post-it saying "Rowan, your father and I thought it was time we told you this..."

Anyway, it should be fun. My kids really do get a kick out of this holiday. This year, at least one of those kids is old enough to start a few April Fools traditions of her own. Uh-oh.

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