Monday, April 25, 2011

Last Little Bits of EASTER

I finished my PEEPS Bunting just in time for Easter. It was so much fun to make that I wish I had started making it sooner, I think I would have made one for all my friends. Wouldn't it be fun to get one of these in the mail just before Easter? Maybe next year.... I found the tutorial for the PEEPS Bunting idea at MADE. It was a fun project to include older children in. My 10-year-old helped a lot by cutting out the PEEPS and putting on their eyes and noses, but the one thing I would add to the directions is to make sure you keep track of both sides of the PEEP. My PEEP cut outs were played with a bit so when I went to go round them up again to sew the fronts to the backs, matching them up together became quite a task. But the kids did have fun with them. Also, I used white thread because I didn't have bright pink, I think the white distracts from the peep shape, so next time I will make a better effort to get matching thread.

Also, I have a daughter that adores sheep so I made her these funny little sheep cookies.
I used chocolate eggs cut in half for the feet instead of the peanut M&M's just because that is what I had on hand. These were so easy to make and such a big hit on our Easter table, they might just become another Easter tradition at our house!

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