Monday, May 30, 2011


THIS WEEK: Make a "colors" busy bag by creating color cards with objects for your child to match. Create the cards by drawing a square of a primary color onto a small paper or cardsctock then laminate (if desiered). Find objects around the home, like Matchbox cars, Legos, those little "fuzzy" balls that you buy in the craft aisle, etc. Ask your child to lay the object onto the card with the same color. Place in a ziploc bag or make a simple bag to carry in. For older kids, collect many different paint sample cards of non-primary colors at the paint/hardware store, a pad of paper, and some colored pencils. Ask your child to try and match the paint samples by blending colors with the pencils. Point out that they are creating secondary and tertiary colors. Or, they can simply play I SPY looking for objects that match each paint sample card, and draw that object in the notebook.

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