Friday, May 27, 2011


Okay so I talked a little about photography last week and I mentioned how I like to use Adobe Photoshop Elements. My awesome niece and nephew (twins) are graduating from high school this year and they needed a graduation announcement. They are super great kids and I love that I was given the chance to do this for them! I put my Adobe Photoshop Elements to work and created the announcement above.

The cute photos were fairly traditional and straight forward so I kept the announcement clean and simple. I didn't even import special digital papers, I just used the rectangle tool in the tool bar of Adobe Photoshop Elements, couldn't be more simple.

First, I re-sized the photos and placed them where I wanted them.
Second, I added some rectangles of color in green and gray.
Third, I created my text boxes and added the text. The most difficult part was deciding on colors of the text and boxes.

That's it! Now, all that is left is to take this to a place like Costco or Walmart photocenter website, drop it into one of their "make your own" templates and get 40 large card announcements with envelopes for about $15. Not bad, right?

Do you have anyone graduating from preschool or Kindergarten? This is an easy way to share the news with your family!

Congratulations Brooke & Brandon! You guys always make me so proud!

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