Wednesday, May 25, 2011


It's that time of the year when I begin to run out of steam as to what to put in the lunch box. Which is why I was so excited to see this page of cute sandwich ideas from FUNKY LUNCHBOX!

I have one daughter who loves surprises in her lunchbox and adores sheep so after checking out their website I threw this sandwich together for her. She loved it! It doesn't have to be picture-perfect, (mine certainly isn't) it just has to be fun. I just used a regular paring knife to cute the shapes. Later, I realized cheese would have made better eyeballs than the cucumber slice, duh. But all in all it was a successful effort from my daughter's point of view anyway, and that is the one which counts.

You can find templates for your bread slices here.

My son would NOT like to be surprised by a cute sandwich. I thought he would love the cute little Star Wars sandwiches I made using this but nope, he threw them away because he didn't like something different in his lunch box!! Later when I warned him ahead of time he was fine with it. I am thinking he would really enjoy these funky sandwiches if he was involved in making them.

We might try this one together:
That is done with a simple vegetable peeler and skin of a cucumber. I know my son wouldn't like the skin, but if he made it himself he might be willing to eat the letters, which I think are the inside of the cucumber, but cheese would work too. The Funky Lunch people suggest using cleaned up Marking Pen lids to cute small circle, or even the lid from your milk carton. They also use the cake decorating tips for the little tiny circles for eyes.

Anyway, wishing you luck hanging in there for those last few school lunches!! Oh, these little sandwiches might be great for summer picnics or poolside too!

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