Monday, July 18, 2011


Now that I have three school-aged children, I've forgotten how crazy a house full of kids can be. Wow! We have been keeping very busy working on our Summer Bucket List. We also found out that we are going on a vacation this summer afterall, yay!! We are going "home" to California for a couple of weeks. I'm slightly terrified about taking my four kids but mostly, the two year old on a five hour flight but excited to see my family (and my favorite beaches). We are going to play tourist during this trip too, maybe even LEGO LAND!

Enough of that, I wanted to share with you our 30 Days of Drawing. I came across these cute blank books in the clearance section of Michaels and had to get them. There is something about lots of white paper that just makes me happy. The idea of Thirty Days of Drawing was on our Summer Bucket List but I hadn't come up with the actual drawing "assignments" yet. But last week, finally, I got to work and here it is.

I had planned on just handing my kids their new books, gluing the list of 30 drawing ideas inside and set them loose, but my second oldest thought it would be more fun if we all sat together and sketched, and she was right! It was fun, and it was nice to relax and chat together while our creative juices poured out onto our papers. We will go outside and lay on blankets for some of the days.

Oh, and I also got some great books on drawing from the library, to inspire my little artists if needed.

Feel free to use our 30 Days of Drawing for your own family and don't forget to include yourself. I realized that my kids were really looking forward to me joining them (even though I hadn't planned on it initially.)

So, any ideas on how to entertain a willful toddler on a five hour airplane flight?

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