Thursday, June 16, 2011


We FINALLY completed our Summer Bucket List. My twelve-year-old pointed out that it is more of a fun "to-do" list than a "bucket list" because everything on it is very do-able and the idea of a bucket list is that it is a "once-in-a-life-time" type of thing. Thank goodness I have her to help point these things out to me, ;-). She is still excited about the things on our "TO-DO" list though, and only slightly upset that watching the Northern Lights, or traveling to Stone Henge will have to wait another year (or three).

If you missed it, I've been discussing our summer To-Do lists in a couple posts, including some ideas others have come up with, read them here, here, here and here.

I made this list using a regular frame, inserted some scrapbook paper, used some lettering, some fabric and stickers for the "summer", and used Sharpie marker on the outside of the frame, right onto the glass to write our list. The Sharpie comes off easily with glass cleaner. I like that it is nice and visible and will be reminding us of our summer plans to keep us on track. I also like that it was so quick and easy to put together. Many of the activities I have all set and ready to go. The activities that require craft supplies, have been purchased and are waiting in labeled bags, which I think will up the fun and spontaneity value.

We have brainstormed as a family and the list is almost complete. I will post what we will be doing this summer, complete with links and how-to's soon.

Did you see this post about "FAMILY MONEY" over at TT&J? I am pondering that fun idea to keep some order and structure in the house over the summer.

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