Thursday, June 23, 2011


I usually just add my "sign for the week" over on the sidebar to the left, but I saw this and I ADORE it, so I had to give it it's own post. Isn't it awesome? It originates from an ETSY shop where you can buy this for yourself in vinyl. The link is here. I am not affiliated with that seller, just thought this was very cute.

So, how is your summer going? I know for some of you, it has just started. As for me, all my good intentions of having summer activities at the ready has mostly worked, though there still have been a few days in which my children lay comatose on the couch staring mindlessly at DS's and IPhone games. Sigh. Though to be fair, since they do summer swim team five days a week, even their laziest days involve a minimum of one hour of swimming. Even my youngest gets one hour on the playground, or doing some learning games with me while we wait. So at least they get some exercise.

We have stayed on task a little better this week. Today they helped clean-up without too much whining and even did some extra chores that weren't on the list, I guess they were on a roll. Then we did a weaving craft which they all really enjoyed. You can see it on our summer fun list, here. It is much easier to get them to help clean when they know we get to do something fun afterward.

I have given them a little break this last week, being their first full week out of school and all, but next week we will start working on some structure. I am thinking of instituting a "NO TECH TUESDAY" a "15 MINUTE MONDAY" in which we spend 15 minutes in each room of the house, cleaning, organizing or beautifying, and maybe a "THINKING THURSDAY" where we do something using a little brain power. We'll see.

I will post what I come up with.

How is the start of summer at your house?

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